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Promoting exceptional music.


I have been a performer, producer, writer, promoter and music licensing director. I’ve have worked for EMI Music, PolyGram/Universal, and Entertainment Weekly.

Together with my wife Anne, I founded Puddle Records (mid-90s) and garnered a single of the week in Billboard — one of the first (and few) indie labels to achieve that distinction. We have licensed music for television, film, major motion pictures, worldwide commercial sync and master deals as well as mechanical licensing.


My wife and I co-owned and ran Puddle Records, which released, marketed and sold boutique 7″ vinyl and CD’s for artists such as Jenifer Convertible, Cardinal Woolsey, and Minor Planets. Billboard awarded Cardinal Woolsey, Single of the Week in 1995. Currently, I’m focusing on a new music project, Tenterhooks.


My web experience began with the development of a gastronomical review site of Brooklyn called TasteOfBrooklyn. In 1996 with no previous programming, database or metadata experience. I then worked for EntertainmentWeekly.com, GM.com, the University of Michigan, and currently at the United Federation of Teachers in NYC as an Interactive Project Manager involved in myriad projects. I’ve also developed multiple private and e-commerce sites on a freelance basis.

I am an interactive content and application delivery specialist with a background in UX and accessibility. I manage websites, content management systems, web applications, marketing campaigns, and publicity strategies. My resume is here: http://puddlemedia.com/resume.html

Specialties: user experience, web application development, and performance, accessibility, music promotion, media strategies, copyright issues,  adept at handling difficult contract negotiations and bringing lingering projects to completion.

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